Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Juvenile Runaway

Riding this phase is like chess
It was and always will be a mess.
Nowadays people care li'l less,
All they want is a new dress.

Time gives choice of chances,
Health watch changes
Love questions poems,dreams..
Beauty stays away and tempts.

Fate is a juvenile runaway,
who strays night and day.
Cant get enough sway..
Try not to get sweptaway.

C'mon people lets celebrate
Let everyone in,dont be late..
Allright let us cut the cake,
Before you leave lock the gate.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Evening sun is on the run(some fun)
Two chariots of fire on d road..
One a unicorn another i wish was a triumph..
Headed towards the sea..four friends.

Potato balls are cheap but heavenly with tea
Fantastic four share cigars and  bites.
Bathed in the seven'o clock lights..
The city smiles like the mistress of spice.

Lover has a class to take,three listen...
Stories about photographs and followups.
The wind whistle while the ocean fluster

the creative sarcasm,stuffed with laughter.

We talk about the changing country of God
About how some people change and  some dont
How buildings wearoff while some remain the same.
And how everything changes for a change.

Lover lives far away he has to fly away
Four friends are on a roll again..
And back on the rides and on the road again..
City rewinds as we glide up up and away.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Playing away my friend,
The song is gonna end.
Now you are clever
But who knows forever?

There were places,
Dreams you once saw.
There are faces
which are still raw.

You' lockup everything,
Fried-wings this evening.
You've tea and chickenroll,
And questions for your soul.

You swim through channels
you become a chameleon.
You hear a girl die..
You see the phone ring.

Your ears wear phones,
It's goodnyt Dr.Jones.
You are a chameleon,
Aaah..this is unknown!

If you still cant tell a lie
They say you better die.
When you smile in sleep,
songs stray like sheep.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


These are days of thirst and lust
When I long to get lost in trust.
Someone please pull me out,
Out of this whirling pool of mist.
On and on slides endless days
They come they go you hear them say
Oh you're so happy and high oh yay
And then you sway with older ways.
Oh these people walking around,
Treat me like I'm not from around.
Oh their chatter is gibberish
God am I getting feverish??
I met a snail inside the lou
Asked him whether he was blue.
He was glued and laying low..
Hmm I figured he's saying'now'.