Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Evening sun is on the run(some fun)
Two chariots of fire on d road..
One a unicorn another i wish was a triumph..
Headed towards the sea..four friends.

Potato balls are cheap but heavenly with tea
Fantastic four share cigars and  bites.
Bathed in the seven'o clock lights..
The city smiles like the mistress of spice.

Lover has a class to take,three listen...
Stories about photographs and followups.
The wind whistle while the ocean fluster

the creative sarcasm,stuffed with laughter.

We talk about the changing country of God
About how some people change and  some dont
How buildings wearoff while some remain the same.
And how everything changes for a change.

Lover lives far away he has to fly away
Four friends are on a roll again..
And back on the rides and on the road again..
City rewinds as we glide up up and away.