Saturday, 5 March 2011


These are days of thirst and lust
When I long to get lost in trust.
Someone please pull me out,
Out of this whirling pool of mist.
On and on slides endless days
They come they go you hear them say
Oh you're so happy and high oh yay
And then you sway with older ways.
Oh these people walking around,
Treat me like I'm not from around.
Oh their chatter is gibberish
God am I getting feverish??
I met a snail inside the lou
Asked him whether he was blue.
He was glued and laying low..
Hmm I figured he's saying'now'.


  1. snail, hmmm.. Appo njammal paranjath ingal cheythu, lle styaaa?? gambheeram aayittund, tto..!! Keep goin my dear..

  2. hmm. i don know.. may be i jus don get wat u are tryin to put across.but as of now it seems you are writin a poem for the sake of itself.. there is no fixed theme or no relation apparent to me of any connection in your poems from line to line. but for a beginer i think you made a good start and effort. if you a really passionate about it i suggest you don give up!

  3. Thnx Hannah..preciate it :) :)

  4. its nice !! how come i never read all this till now !!! Keep it goin yeah!! we'l start composing ur poems one by one hehe

  5. its nice.. looking forward for more poems.. try one in malayalam too, you can be like your grandpa. You've got it in you.